This week will feature a "Fixer Upper" theme that will include a camp fixer upper hands on project for the campers and staff to participate in.


This week we will explore some questions we all have concerning ourselves and others such as: How are we alike and how are we different? What makes us special and how do we recognize the uniqueness of others in a good way? How are we to think about the future and plan for our lives? While these questions are asked at all stages of life, they are especially applicable for us as teens learning to answer them for ourselves for the first time and ensuring that our answers are informed by God's Word.



Hallmark moments: Life with Jesus in the Gospel of John

The Campers will follow Jesus in the Gospel of John as they make connections to the “Hallmark moments” in their own lives such as Easters, Christmases, Your Wedding Day, Birthdays, The Arrival of a New Baby, and the Loss of a Loved One to the life of Jesus. They will learn how Jesus loves them, is with them, and is their Savior in all of life’s big hallmark moments (plus the small ones too). 

Monday: John 1:1-18 : From the beginning to Merry Christmas!: The Word became Flesh

Readings: The Intro of John were Jesus is the Word became Flesh

Big Themes:

  • The Trinity: Both with and is God at the same time.
  • Life and the light of the world vs. Darkness and death
  • Christmas of the Creator: yet, the creation doesn’t know the creator (the war on Christmas)
  • Law from Moses, Grace upon grace from Christ: Law and Gospel

Tuesday: John 2:1-12: Best Wishes to the Newlyweds!: Jesus’ first miracle

Readings: The Wedding at Cana

Big Themes:

  • Marriage: Jesus approved! (Also, being single…Jesus approved, too!)
  • First comes loves, then comes marriage, the comes the…: Jesus redeems the whole person from conception.
  • Marriage Feast: taste of heaven where the party doesn’t end.
  • Out with the old and in with the new: Jesus the New Testament.

Wednesday: John 3:1-21: Congrats on the New Baby!: Being born again by Water and the Spirit

Readings: Jesus and Nicodemus

Big Themes:

  • Happy (New) Birthday: Being born again-God’s promise in Baptism
  • John 3:16: God so loved the world…
  • Original Sin: Condemned already, saved by Jesus.
  • Repentance: Loving the darkness vs. Coming to the Light (Jesus)

Thursday: John 12:20-50: Condolences for your loss…: Unless a grain falls unto earth and dies…it remains alone.

Readings: Jesus predicts his death

Big Themes:

  • Why we go to church?: “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.”
  • Holy Saturday: the buried grain that bears much fruit.
  • Good Friday: The Son of Man Lifted Up and the Ruler of this world cast out.
  • Jesus the Savior: Jesus comes to save!

Friday: John 21 Happy Easter to Jesus Comes Again: Jesus is alive!

Readings: Jesus eats breakfast with his disciples

Big Themes:

  • A Fish Breakfast with Jesus: Jesus is truly alive in his body
  • Why we go to church? Having a shepherd to feed and lead us.
  • Following Jesus to the end-Peter and the Beloved Disciple: A warning and a promise.
  • Not enough books in the world: Jesus the doer who does for us
  • The Last Day: When Jesus Comes Again