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Staff Positions

Camp staff members must be camper-focused throughout the week and consistently convey the love of Christ and set a Christian example. It is imperative that the staff maintain open communication, support one another, and work as a unified team in order to effectively serve the campers. Bible Camp staff, volunteers, campers, and visitors are expected to act in a manner that maintains the safe Christian atmosphere of Pineshore.

Camp Chief

Pastor (or DCE or otherwise qualified church worker) who serves as spiritual head of the week. Responsibilities include developing a theme for the week, preparing and overseeing staff in their spiritual duties with campers, leading Bible studies and Wednesday night services, providing counselors with ideas for small group time, leading and/or delegating morning devotions, and attending to the spiritual health of campers and staff.


The camp nurse must be properly certified and is responsible for the physical well-being of campers and staff. The nurse’s duties include administering all prescription and over-the-counter medications, treating illness and injury, and noting potential health hazards on camp grounds. In order to ensure the physical welfare of campers and staff, everyone must carefully follow the instructions of the nurse in  regard to health issues. In addition, it may be necessary at times for the nurse to work closely with the camp cook (i.e. food allergy issues) and the lifeguard (i.e. water related injuries). The nurse must be knowledgeable of the camp’s health care protocol. In addition, because cleanliness is a health issue, the nurse traditionally serves as judge for clean cabin.



The camp cook is responsible for providing healthy, nourishing, and aesthetically-pleasing meals for campers and staff and for making sure the kitchen is a sanitary place for food preparation. The cook is in charge of the kitchen and will supervise and delegate duties to cook’s helpers and may “recruit” camp staff members as needed; must be aware of food allergies and other dietary needs and adjust meals accordingly; and will consult with the cook coordinator when necessary regarding supplies. The cook will also make sure there are refreshments for the fellowship time after Wednesday night service.



Counselors are responsible for helping to maintain the physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare of campers. Regular duties for counselors include participating in and encouraging camper participation in camp activities and leading a small group of campers. Special duties may include serving as recreation, crafts, or music director, assisting the lifeguard or cook, mentoring CITs, leading devotions, and coordinating canteen. Counselors must keep in mind that the campers are their #1 priority and they are responsible to report any problems to the camp chief, director, and/or nurse. For safety reasons, counselors should be aware of the whereabouts of campers at all times and perform head counts several times throughout the day.


The lifeguard must be properly certified, including CPR, and is in charge during swim time and during all activities that take place in the water. The lifeguard will explain and enforce water safety rules. In order to ensure the safety of campers and staff in the water, everyone must listen to and obey the instructions of the lifeguard, including requests for staff members to help monitor swimmers.


CITs have responsibilities similar to those of full-fledged counselors and are mentored and supported by counselors. Through this “on-the-job” training, hopefully CITs will return to Pineshore as knowledgeable, enthusiastic counselors.

Cook’s Helpers

Cook’s helpers receive instructions from the camp cook and are responsible for assisting the cook in preparing and serving meals and for kitchen clean-up. The number of meals that a cook’s helper serves is flexible based upon the individual’s availability.

Opening and Closing Crew

Pineshore also needs volunteers to serve for short periods of time at the beginning and/or end of the week. These volunteers assist for a few hours during registration and check-out times to process campers in and out of camp and to open and close the facility. Even though time wise these volunteers only serve for a small portion of the week, volunteers play an integral and appreciated role, as they are there to help at crucial times at the beginning and end of the camp week.