2018 Camp Dates

Sunday School (Grades 3-6)-July 15th-20th
Junior High (Grades 7-9)-July 22nd-27th
Senior High (Grades 10-1st year College)-July 29th-August 3rd





What is Camp Pineshore Bible Camp?  Camp Pineshore Bible Camp is a 70-year-old tradition of fun, competition, teamwork, safety, making friends, and finding role models  It is tradition, centered in Jesus Christ and learning about Him.   Each camp week takes place at Messiah Lutheran Church-Fitchburg, MA’s Campground on the shore of Wyman Pond near Mt. Wachusett, in Westminster, MA. 
A Tradition of Learning Jesus Christ  Camp Pineshore is Centered in Christ!   Jesus Christ is at the heart of our mission at Camp Pineshore Bible Camp.  Campers learn about Jesus through trained pastors (who serve as Camp Chiefs) and lay workers of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.  Campers have daily devotions morning and night. As they worship together they delve deeper into the Bible, learn new songs and prayers, and have time for discussions, questions, and opportunities to have conversation about what their faith in Jesus means in their lives. 
A Tradition of Christian Role Models  Camp Pineshore is the place to find a Christian Role Model! Everyone needs someone to look up, a leader to imitate.   The Camp Counselors at Camp Pineshore provide great Christian role models for the campers. They are someone to look up to! Through their youthful example, they show the campers live and grow as Christians. So that they continue to grow as Christians though middle school, high school, college and beyond. 
A Tradition of Safety  Camp Pineshore is a Safe Place!   The camp is fully inspected and licensed by the State of Massachusetts each year, as required by state law.   All staff receives a CORI and SORI background check. We are CPR/First Aid certified.   Cooks are ServSafe® trained in food safety.   We employ a full-time nurse and a full time lifeguard each week to keep your children safe.   Campers are expected to model Christian behavior to one another and have respect for one another.  Bible Camp staff, volunteers, campers, and visitors are expected to act in a manner that maintains the safe Christian atmosphere of Pineshore. 
A Tradition of Fun  Camp Pineshore is Fun!   The Icebreakers, Root Beer Relay, Skit Night, Romans vs Christians, the Water Olympics, Nuke-em, Hiking Mt. Waschusett, and Counselor Hunt are all beloved camp games and activities that campers look forward to each year.   Many of the campers today are playing the same games their parents and even grandparents played before them. Become a camp legend at Camp Pineshore! 
A Tradition of Teamwork  Camp Pineshore is a Team Competition!   Campers will learn how to work as team and show mutual respect to each other.  Winning requires camp teamwork, determination, using God’s gifts and talents, and encouraging others to work together.   There are no participation trophies, and no prize for last place, instead the goal to winning the week, is to win as a camp team.   The games inspire campers, as they engage in the physical and mental activities all while having fun in a safe Christian environment. 
A Tradition of Making Friends  Camp Pineshore is Friendly!   There is nothing like camp friends and Camp Pineshore!   The environment empowers campers to meet other Christian friends like themselves.   Campers have mailboxes where they are encouraged to write notes to each other.   Every week seems to end in a tearful good bye and hug, as they say goodbye to new and old friends.   Many of our campers keep in touch with camp friends throughout the year and can’t wait to see them again each summer.