Camp Dates
Sunday School (3rd-6th) July 16-21
Junior High (7th-9th) July 23-28
Senior High (10th- first yr of college) July 30- Aug 4th

March 21, 2016

Dear Parents,

We realize that your children are treasures. As a parent of two myself I understand and feel the enormity of the responsibilities you entrust us this summer. Our goal each retreat is to protect the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of our campers. We desire Camp Pineshore to be a place where faith can flourish in all who attend.

Understanding this great responsibility, we train our staff to serve the campers with love and to foster an environment of growth and trust. We teach our staff and campers that scary stories, sarcasm, put downs, racism, vulgar language, violent behavior, and similar things have no place here at Pineshore. We strive to create an environment where campers can let down their concerns regarding self-esteem and be loved for who they are. Pineshore is about your children coming to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and continuing to grow in their walk with Him. Because of this we strive to continuously show Christ's love to our campers.

We have trained our staff this summer prior on how to recognize and prevent camp related risks, and we also spend a considerable amount of time covering various situations they may encounter with campers during the summer. However, when it comes to helping your child have the best experience possible at Pineshore, you as parents are vital to that success, and also our number one resource. You have the best insight into your child so we are asking for help from you.

Please review all of the information provided in this packet. We have compiled frequently asked questions, and helpful information that you should know as you prepare to send your child to Pineshore.

In addition, please ensure that you have updated your child’s camper health information when you register them by fully completing the Camper Health Form. The Camper Health Form is kept confidential and is used by Pineshore Healthcare Staff or professional medical personnel in the case of an emergency. Campers are not singled out, made to feel embarrassed or treated differently because of information gathered. Rather, the more we know ahead of time, the easier it is to help your child have a successful experience at camp.

Please be assured that should any situation with your child arise, be it severe homesickness, a behavioral issue, or a health concern, you will be contacted by us. We may even call you to seek your advice or insight into a particular situation. Our desire is to involve you in the process of your child having a successful and enjoyable week at camp.

I would like to encourage you to give us your thoughts and input about our summer camping programs. We want to hear from you about what we are doing right and the areas where we need improvement. If you ever have any questions or concerns about any aspect of our summer program please email me and I will be happy to get back with you.

Thank you again for blessing us by allowing us to spend a week with your child, showing Christ's love and our love as well.


Jenny Carrion

Camp Pineshore Bible Camp Coordinator